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Best Forex Trading Hours GMT, EST & AEST

News events have a large influence on financial markets. In this video Sam demonstrates how price behaves before and during schedule news events.

KrismPro Stream 3pm EST - 8pm GMT 30th March

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KrismPro Monday Stream 7pm EST 11pm GMT

Im leaving timezones out the description as dst has screwed them. Listen to the video. Twitter: ...

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Live Stream 7/11/15: GMT 19:00/EST 14:00/ 2 PM

Live stream tomorrow...

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J-L Mélenchon Le GMT est mauvais pour lEurope et la civilisation humaine

Intervention de Jean-Luc Mélenchon en commission des Affaires étrangères du Parlement européen, au sujet du Grand Marché Transatlantique, le 23 février...

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RubyZone 2.0 Trailer Release Saturday - 7PM GMT/2PM EST!

Hope to see you all there, RubyZone is a server owned by PieLikeCrafters and it has an overall great community, before anybody asks I will be playing there on...