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How Powerful Is New Zealand?

What if New Zealand Was Never Colonized? Subscribe! New Zealand...

New Zealand hit by strong quake - Todays News

New Zealand hit by strong quake A strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake has shaken central New Zealands capital, Wellington.

ONE News Television New Zealand

Television New Zealand Weather Report .

News Bloopers 2013 01

Just a collection of various Australian & New Zealand news presenters/reporters slipping up & having fun. No copyright infringement intended, just for laughs.

Justin Bieber 3 News interview with Heather du Plessis-Allan Auckland New Zealand, October 1, 2015

for Story on TV3 Bieber talks flags, blonde hair and getting a tattoo in NZ...

September 11, 2001; New Zealands TV3 6 Oclock news

First ten minutes of the 6 Oclock news of September 11th 2001 - recorded on TV3 news in New Zealand (12th of September, New Zealand time). Was originally...

Design News: New Zealand flag redesign CharliMarieTV

Welcome to a new series on my channel, where I talk about a topical design issue. This episode is about the redesign process of the New Zealand flag. Please...

One News: Kiwi Accent

update: Added some annotations for international viewers! One News report on how the New Zealand accent has changed noticeably over the last 30 years.

Jonah Lomu New Zealand rugby union star dies aged 40 - BBC News

Jonah Lomu, considered one of New Zealands finest rugby union players of all time, has died at the age of 40. According to the former team doctor of the All...

New Year fireworks New Zealand and Australia shows usher in 2016 - BBC News

New Zealand was one of the first countries to welcome in 2016, with people gathered in Auckland to watch a colourful fireworks display. Australia followed, with...