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DirectX 12 Expected To Increase Xbox Ones Performance: Nitrous Engine Team

Nitrous Engine employees, Dan Baker, Tim Kipp and Brian Wade, sat down with Gaming Bolt to talk about DirectX 12 and its possible performance gains for the...

DirectX 12 may Crown the Xbox One King of 8th Gen!

If you enjoyed this video please do subscribe for loads more gaming/media content! The footage shown is of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running at 60fps (ish)...

The New Hitman Game Will Use DirectX 12 On Xbox One: The Revolution Has Begun

Were starting to see our first DirectX 12 enabled games announced for the Xbox One. The revolution has begun!

The Absolute Truth About DirectX 12 And The Xbox One

After the recent Brad Wardell interview theres been a lot of questions, luckily I go over some of the answers!

Phil Spencer: DirectX 12 Will NOT Help Xbox One

Will XBox One see a boost from DirectX 12? Did Phil Spencer say Xbox One will not benefit from DX12? Only PC?

Phil Spencer: DirectX 12 For Xbox One No Big Deal

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Yet Another Developer Says DX12 Will Help Xbox One With Resolution & Framerate

Looks like more developers are talking up the advantages DirectX 12 will bring to the Xbox One!

Xbox One - DirectX 12 e o Dual GPU

Comentem, de o seu like a assine o canal mais e mais videos do Xbox One viro confira!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curta Nosa siga no Instagran:...

Новости Xbox One 54: DirectX 12 на Xbox One, обратная совместимость игр Ubisoft, Plague Inc

Некоторые из тем 54 выпуска передачи Новости Xbox One - Производительность приставки Xbox One серьезно повысится...

What does DirectX 12 bring to PC and XboxOne?

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