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SE X1T large diaphragm condenser microphone, Add Warmth, Depth & Richness to your recordings

The sE X1T brings sEs valve technology to the X range making a large diaphragm condenser valve microphone very affordable indeed. Get the infor here...

SE Electronics X1 USB & X1 T - Musikmesse 2014

SE X1 Microphone available in both usb and Tube models.

Microphone Comparison - Rde NT1 & sE Electronics X1

Microphone Comparison with the Rde NT1 & sE Electronics X1 Please leave a comment wich one is your favorite! ...

Ламповый микрофон SE ELECTRONICS SE X1T

Микрофон SE electronics SE X1T Если вы хотите приобрести этот товар или получить от нас.

SE Electronics - X1D, X1R, X1T and X1USB microphones.

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Unboxing SE Electronics X1T Microphone Studio (music)

Unboxing SE Electronics X1 Microphone.

Mic Comparison: Audio Technica AT2020 USB, RDE NT1-A, sE-X1

A quick comparison of the following microphones - Audio Technica 2020 usb rde NT1-A - sE-X1 Hit me with questions!

SE Electronics X1 Microphone on Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Testing the SE Electronics X1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic on Acoustic and Electric Guitar. This is a very affordable mic, primarily bought for vocal...

SE Electronics X1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

James Young of SE Electroincs tells us why the SE X1 has been creating a storm in the recording industry. For more details please folow the link:...

SE 2200a Mk II - Vs. X1 - Not a Review or unboxing

I bought a new mic as I needed something little smaller. Both mics running though a Motu 8 pre, no effects, eq or compression. I dont think you can hear the...