Par yield curve given zero curve -

Comparison of spot curve, forward curve and bond yield

A simple comparison using a 2.5 year 100 par 6 semiannual coupon bond. Spot rate: the yield for each cash flow that treats the cash flow as a zero-coupon...

Bootstrapping the Treasury spot rate curve

The theoretical spot rate curve is different than the par yield curve. Here is how to bootstrap the spot rate.

9. Yield Curve Arbitrage

Financial Theory (econ 251) Where can you find the market rates of interest (or equivalently the zero coupon bond prices) for every maturity? This lecture...

TI BA II to compute bond price given zero (spot) rate curve

This solves for Hull 4.2: what is price of 2-year bond that pays a 6 semi-annual coupon given a zero rate curve.

Zero Coupon Bonds

This narrated ppt describes how a zero coupon bond works, along with an example of how to calculate the yield to maturity. We contrast the yield to maturity...


Calculation of the theoretical Treasury spot rate curve using bootstrapping and the value of a bond using spot rates.

Nonlinear interpolation with Solver to construct yield curve

Excels solver tool is a really powerful way to perform nonlinear interpolation. Here I interpolate to build a nonlinear U. S. Treasury yield curve (term structure)

Spot, par, zero, forward rate curves, bootstrap

I am a trainer with i-Learn Institute based in Singapore. Ive been in the finance industry for more than 13 years, in the areas of valuation, performance...

CFA Level I Yield Measures Spot and Forward Rates Video Lecture by Mr. Arif Irfanullah part 5

This cfa Level I video covers concepts related to: Forward Rates Spot Rates and Forward Rates Yield, Spot and Forward Rate Curves Valuing a Bond with...

Slope of a Curve at a Point

In this video, I discuss one of the first few concepts that are learned in any Calculus course the slope of a curve at a point. The formula: m lim(h approaches 0)...