Surf report raglan -

Raglan Surf Report 31/12/15

Todays Surf Report: Fish.

Raglan Surf Report: 06/01/16

Todays Report: Responsible Festival-ing.

Raglan Surf Report: 02/01/16

Todays Report: Whitewaters.

Raglan Surf Report

Todays Report: Friendship Tension.

Raglan Surf Report 29/12/15

Todays surf report: Not really that good.

Raglan Surf Report: 03/01/16

Todays Report: People being dicks 1.

Raglan Surf Report: 01/01/16

Happy New Year!

Raglan Surf Report: 04/01/16

Todays Report: Please dont stab me.

Raglan Surf Report: 05/01/16

Todays Report: Fully 100 over it.

Terrys surf report from Raglan

Warning - if you have no interest in waves, surf or surfing, look away now. This is about 3 minutes of watching waves rolling in at Raglan. Fascinating to the...