Ne waza fights -

Judo Newaza Grappling International Fights

Highlights of Judo Newaza from International competitions. Link to full footage

Mike Newaza fight one

Mikes first fight at High Wycombe.

Mifunes Newaza (Ground Fighting) Techniques

Mifunes Newaza or ground game demonstration.

Compétition FightingNe Waza 2011

Résumé vidéo de la compétition Fighting Ne Waza à Houlgathe. Matinée en stage et mise en application dans une petite compétition bon esprit. Moment très...

Soke Masaaki Hatsumi Ninja Newaza (Ground Fighting)

In this clip Soke Masaaki Hatsumi shows the difference of the ground fighting between the Sport and the Budo. Taken from the dvd What is martial arts?.

Kodokan Judo - Newaza Part 1

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Marcio Andre vs Nick Schultz - Newaza Fights July 30, 2011

This match was filmed at Newaza Fights: Inception on July 30, 2011 at Bob Knight Fieldhouse in Duncanville, TX. For more grappling and...

Judo Newaza - Ground fighting 1

Rob and Colin. Practice at Phoenix Grappling Center.

JJIF Ju-jitsu Fighting: 4 transitions from throws to newaza

Fredrik Widgren shows four transitions from snap down to newaza during Ume Fight Camp. 1) O soto otoshi 2) Uchi mata 3) Clock choke 4) Bow and arrow...

Open Ne Waza de Romans - Julien 2nd fight

, Open régional de Ne Waza Romans (26) -69 kg.